Always love being with people and being a positive influence. Love communicating the message of the cross, and watching people have an encounter with Christ and have eternity burnt on their hearts. Love traveling and experiencing different cultures and food. Love looking through the view finder and capturing life while hearing the sounds of the camera shutter. Love discovering the facets of God. Above all, want to be “I am second”. Decided to put all of these together in a melting pot and make a career out of them. Love loving my wife. Love being a father of four daughters. Love my life!!!

My Tale

I was born in Mumbai, India to the greatest Mom and Dad in the world. I was raised in Hyderabad, India with my two sisters. For me, school was a place I loved to go to have fun, not necessarily for the academics, much to the dismay of my mother who was a teacher. The best part of my growing up was experiencing the rich and diverse cultures and religions of India; it only added to who I am and what God has called me to do.

At age 21 I was in a vehicle accident and was bed ridden for 6 months. It was probably the best thing that happened to me, because in the process of that six months I made the most important decision of my life. I started following Jesus!

Soon after that I joined Youth With A Mission and did my Discipleship Training School in Bangalore, India, which totally wrecked my life! During my time with YWAM – Bangalore, I was privileged to have significant people invest in my life by giving me a strong Christian foundation and imparting a passion for missions and evangelism.
Let’s talk about the second most important decision of my life. In April of 1999 I met the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Megan, an American, was leading a two month DTS outreach to India, and I was making all the arrangements for it. It was more than love at first sight. Three weeks after we met, we realized that we were made for each other. It was then that I made the second most important decision of my life, to pursue her.

I moved to the US in September, 1999 and we married in June, 2000. Eighteen months later we had out first beautiful baby, Zoe. Over the next 6 years the rest of the princess brigade came along: Priya, Karishma and Piper. I love being the father of my four beautiful girls and working with Megan to parent them in the ways of God.
I spent the last 11 years in Charlotte with YWAM doing training and evangelism. In the process of doing so, I have discovered the beauty and dynamics of this wonderful country and have fallen in love with the people. This is my tale in a capsule, I hope it helped you to meet me in the capacity that the virtual world allows.


Christopher Vengala has a quest to translate the gospel to the postmodern generation. His heart is to persuade his audience to become relevant to the Truth before making the Truth relevant to the culture.

Missions, Evangelism and Justice issues are the core of his call and the message that God has burnt on his heart. As a speaker, teacher and discipler, Christopher Vengala communicates the broken heart of God for the lost and the urgency that we have to fulfill the Great commission in our generation. He influences his audience to relent to the person of Jesus within themselves so that Christ can display His power as they obey Him.

Christopher Vengala not only believes in the transcendent power of the gospel to change people groups, cities and nations but also in the power of ONE. On our way to transform nations may we not bypass the ONE individual that we might come across.

Christopher Vengala, with his wife and four daughters, lives in Asheville, NC serving with YWAM. ywamasheville.org