2 minutes, 52 seconds

“Do you have 2 minutes, 52 seconds to watch a video while I shop for something in your store?” I asked the girl in the surf store. She replied, “Hope it is not something bad.”  I told her it was a good video and has the potential to change her life.  The deal was made and she started watching the video on my iPhone as I browsed the store.  Every now and then I peeked to see how it was going and to my pleasure, her eyes were glued to the iPhone.  She walked towards me with a smile, complimented the video, and asked how she could watch it again.  I saw this great wide open door to take a normal situation and expect God to turn it into a transcendent moment.  I asked her if I could talk more about the video, and she was quite open to it, so I walked right through the open door and explained how Jesus can change her life.  She did not make any decisions to abandon her life to Jesus.  However, she knows Jesus more than she ever did before, which is a positive contribution to the quest for the meaning of life.

Most of us have a desire for God to use us to intervene into someone’s life so they can encounter a transcendent experience with Jesus, but have a hard time putting it in gear.  It is quite true that it is very hard to steer a parked car.  The opposite is true as well, it is easy to steer the car once it is in motion.

Here is a video that will put your faith in motion to share with people the life changing story of God. We live in the world of pixels and smart phones, which I believe have to ultimately contribute to the advancement of the message of the Cross.  Here is a free download of the video “For God was so ticked off”.  You can download it on your iPhone or iPad and ask someone, “Do you have 2 minutes 52 seconds to watch a video?” This has the potential for someone to meet Jesus in a profound way.  The video itself does not share the complete message of the Cross but opens a door for you to share your faith.

This small act of faith will Echo in Eternity!

A great contradiction from Christopher Vengala on Vimeo.