Christian prostitute?

Christian prostitute

A usual day in the wildly chaotic, but yet exotic Mumbai. Where the rich and the poor live side by side.  Walking down the streets of Mumbai my spirit was evoked as I felt the evidence of the spirit of God among all the other gods of India.

Like the psalmist said, “Where shall I flee from your presence?” He is in the ocean. He is in the mountains. He is on Fashion Street in Mumbai. He is in the slums of Mumbai. And He is in the brothels of Mumbai!

Day one of visiting the brothels:  Two friends and I walk into one of the darkest places I have ever experienced in my life; dark as dark could get from my vantage point.  With all five senses activated, my being was feeling darkness.

We walked into the brothel as the prostitutes were getting ready for customers to come. They offered chai, which is always a very pleasant gesture in my culture.  The ladies knew why we were there, to pray for them and talk about Jesus.

The conversation began over chai, and I soon realized two of them spoke my mother tongue.  Common heart language between strangers always triggers a heart to heart conversation.  We spent an hour talking life and culture and very little about Jesus.

Day two of visiting the brothels:  We chose to go to the same brothel hoping to see where Holy Spirit would lead.  On this day my wife, my ten year old daughter, and a friend joined me.

As we sat down and began our conversation, I asked a lady, “Why prostitution?” She responded by bringing her Bible out and with gentle yet very piercing words to my soul she said, “I am a Christian just like you, and I believe in Jesus.”

We were not taking Jesus to the brothels, we were looking for Jesus in the brothels.

My sixth sense, my spirit, came alive. I saw light in the darkest place I have been in. I began to see that world through the eyes of Jesus.

No matter how dark the place is, or how we perceive the outer appearance, Jesus is already there. This woman, unexpected to me, knew Christ, but was not complete.

She was in prostitution as this was the only option for her to put her kids through college.  I am not condoning or condemning her choice but elevating the reality in which she lives.

This frame work of thinking may not fit in most of our thinking.  It does not fit in our box of our theology, who God is or how he views us.

However, justice has a drastically different paradigm in the eyes of Jesus. We desperately need our paradigms challenged and forced to a shift!

No matter how dark our world is Jesus is there, you can only see him with your sixth sense evoked to Him, your inner being has to be activated to Jesus.

Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive to Him. – Ravi Zacharias

“Christian prostitute?”