The Hunger Games


One of the things I really enjoy about flying internationally is the numerous movies available to watch. It does help this Indian, as Bollywood makes over a thousand movies a year. Loving and enjoying movies is just a part of who Indians are.

On my return flight home from London a year ago, I watched “The Hunger Games”.  It had my attention the whole time as my eyes were glued to the screen.

The first and the last dramatic moments, having the same message, capture the essence of the movie. In both of these scenes, it is someone taking the place of another in death, without any conditions.

The message in the movie was crystal clear: somebody voluntarily needed to pay the price with the ultimate sacrifice of their own life, so that others could live.

There was a sense of authentic justice in “The Hunger Games” which is a perfect picture of what happened on the Cross.  The concept of volunteering one’s own life to be taken away so that others can live is not found in any other deities, it is only found in the life of Jesus.

Why do we need someone to take our place? Is it necessary for someone to die?

Yes it is!

The answer to the predicament of human condition of sin is only found outside of human resources.  We as humans do not have the capacity to deal with the vacuum that is within.

Death brings life!  It is quiet a paradox.  That is what happened on the cross.

The death of Jesus was not an accident or something that happened against his will, but rather he volunteered his life to be taken away.

To bring justice, it is right for someone to volunteer their life to be taken away for others to live. Only Jesus displayed this act of love in the history of mankind!

Looking back in history, you can’t find a human or deity that was born to die. Only Jesus.



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