You are a soul, you have a body.


The night was cold and chaotic, with a lot of rushing and little comprehension of what is happening around you. The helpless, panicked cry that comes from the soul of a human being is not something that is enjoyable. Rather it hits you in the gut, bringing with it the reality of how fragile life really is.

On this frigid, December night,  I was sitting in my living room cherishing a great evening spent with great friends.  All of a sudden, I heard three gun shots that sounded like they were right outside my door.

I rushed out of my house to see what was happening and saw a car peeling off at a high speed.  I heard a blood curdling scream for help from the victim as he was crossing the street down the block. I called Cam, I knew he was a block away from me, and he arrived in less than a minute.

In the middle of the chaos, Cam captured a “Kodak moment” that transcends a finite moment.  “Please tell me I am not leaving this world today,” were the words that came out of the soul of this young man that was shot. While the blood from his gunshot wound steamed in the freezing air, he asked about the condition of his soul.

His soul leaped at us for help as everything he loved and depended on in life – drugs, money, girls and fame – seemed to fade away in light of eternity.

No matter what we choose to believe or how we behave, dire straits somehow have the power to force us to look at our finite lives through infinite values.

In the words of C.S. Lewis ‘“You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body”.

If you don’t believe you are a soul, it is hard to look at life and process it through the lens of infinity.

Life is a gift, a very precious gift, that is lived only once. The things that we think matter really do not once we look at them with an eternal perspective.

The two important facets that allow us this eternal perspective are Jesus and believing the fact that you are a soul.

We all need a reference point for life to make sense and that reference point is not within but outside of ourselves. I have come to realize it is Jesus.

What is the condition of your soul today?  Many of us are like this young man, finding our worth and value in things that will become mist in an instant as eternity stares us in our faces.

Do you see a need for Jesus? Do you believe you are a soul? I would love a conversation.

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